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Solidify your marketing message and grow engagement–all to deepen your impact

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You’re confident in your mission, but your writing isn’t connecting with your audience like you expected.

Why not?

  • You’re not sure you’re focusing on the right message
  • You’re not consistent. You know you need to build stronger relationships with donors, but you aren’t able to dedicate the time to regularly connect.
  • You’re not sure you can do your business or organization justice with your writing; you’re so deep in daily operations that it’s hard to be objective
  • You’re overwhelmed; whenever you sit down to do some writing, you immediately start focusing on all of the other fires you have to put out…

Those words, though? They matter. Big time.

The right words:

  • Reflect your values
  • Highlight your unique services, offerings, and initiatives
  • Increase revenue that allows you to make an even greater impact
  • Connect with stakeholders and encourage consistent involvement
  • Build your legacy

I’ll help you get the words just right.

Hi, I'm Caitlin.

Caitlin Renwald

Mission-driven businesses and nonprofit organizations partner with me to articulate their values and clearly communicate their offers and services to their stakeholders.

I write clear, compelling copy that builds relationships and drives growth beyond a single engagement.

From my experiences in AmeriCorps and my sixteen years spent in the classroom, I know that it’s relationships that spark engagement and drive continued investment.

I know that your story, your mission, is what drives you. I’ll help you bring that mission to life with the website copy that keeps your donors interested so that you can continue to meet your own milestones.

The right words will give you more effective marketing, greater visibility and increased revenue. All so you can continue to live your mission.

Expanded website coming soon.

Contact me to learn how I can help you resonate with your stakeholders.

Contact Me Sample Work

Caitlin was amazing to work with. She is very skilled, professional and thorough....Some of her most impressive skills were research, writing, and articulating our project vision. I would recommend her to any organization.

Danise W.
Executive Director
Erie Niagra AHEC

Caitlin is very easygoing. She is very detailed and delivered an excellent final product.

Memorie C.
Business Manager
Magens Bay Authority

Caitlin is a true partner. It felt like she had been a part of our organization for years and she knew everything about how to meet our needs.

Paul R.
Vice President Marketing Committee
Munster Education Fund

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